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Finding performance through our services !

In order to develop a successsful business you certainly need a competent staff.

Being aware of the fact that the main capital of an organisation is represented by people, that the element of differentiation and succes in a continuously competition-growing environment is embodied in the value of the Human Resources, our company has as primordial goal the development of a successful relationship with its clients (both employing companies and candidates), in order for their performances to grow, applying the newest and the most efficient methods to be found in this field at the time being.

It is noticeable that the motivation, the requirements and the behaviour of the new employees are about to change radically. A general mistrust in the organizations and its traditional values, the need for safety, but also to be part of a fast career development, the desire to be useful and to materialize their knowledge in a beneficial way, a greater sincerity in the relations with other people are just some of the common features of those applying for an eventual position. It will be continuously harder for an organization not to take these features into consideration in the recruiting and selection process of eventual new employees, or in training and promoting their personnel.

The specialists are promoting the ideea that the personnel's activity is one of the most important. The organization which is professionally assimilating in its politics the Human Resources management has all the conditions necessary to develop a high-standard activity in all the existent fields.
Though the Human Resources Management activity is not a new one, until the time being, the Romanian organizations haven't given it the proper attention.

That is why the need of professionalism in this field forced the bearing of a company completely dedicated to developing the standards of the personnel in the organizations of whose management is aware of it.

The experience and the professionalism of our staff is offering you the advantage of a company with a performant built-in Human Resources Department.

The politics promoted by MondoJob allowed us to continue developing our activity on the same path we started on, being aware of the fact that behind us there are no other but satisfied clients.

To cover the labour-market in the Moldova area, starting with May 2007, S.C. MONDOJOB S.R.L. has opened a branch-office in Iasi.

Therefore we invite you to be invested with the privilege of finding or being THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE RIGHT JOB.

The data you have confirmed are protected. S.C. MONDOJOB S.R.L. is an A.N.S.P.D.C.P. registered operator under registration no. 3202.
For being informed into the rights of data personal character, please consult Law no. 677/2001 or

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